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is contemplative archery, known as the ‘Way of the Bow.’ Centuries ago in Japan, archery was considered the most accomplished discipline of a Samurai warrior. As archery lost its prominence as a lethal weapon among the Samurai and influenced by Buddhism, Taoism and Shintoism, it became known as , the “Way of the Bow” – a powerful contemplative practice.

Zenko International offers the following description: “Kyudo, as taught by Kanjuro Shibata XX (featured in the documentary) is not a competitive sport and marksmanship is regarded as relatively unimportant. According to Shibata Sensei…the ultimate goal of Kyudo is to polish the mind – the same as in sitting meditation.”

This film depicts Japanese living treasure and Kyudo master Shibata Sensei XX as he works with students, skillfully transmitting the tradition of contemplative archery. His efforts transform the bow and arrow, former weapons of war into tools for peace and personal insight.

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